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Adults who skip morning meal likely to miss out on nutrients Staying Healthy

"When children reach middle school, bullying can become more personal as classmates play a bigger role in their lives. Learning to deal with unpleasant emotions is an important part of adolescent development, and parents can help children in this situation by validating their child’s feelings and working with them on antibullying techniques."

"Researchers examined the nutritional data and eating habits of more than 30,000 adults. Those who regularly skip breakfast miss getting vital nutrients, such as calcium, vitamin C, and fiber found in typical breakfast foods like fortified cereal, fruit, and milk. They also are less likely to get the recommended daily amounts of folate, iron, and vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, and D."

Staying Healthy

Eating a broad variety of fruits and vegetables is a good way to get a sufficient intake of flavonoids, chemicals that contribute to many aspects of health. Now, a study suggests that flavonoid-rich foods may also play a role in protecting memory and thinking as people get older.
The number of people worldwide with Alzheimer’s disease is predicted to climb drastically in the coming decades. Is there anything people can do to protect their cognitive health? New evidence from two studies shows that cognitive and physical activities can make a real difference in delaying the onset of cognitive decline.
Even with insurance, the cost of a medical visit or procedure can be a mystery. Pricing varies widely depending on who your insurer is, which health plan you have, and exactly what that covers. Will new rules attempting to bring some transparency to the pricing structures of hospitals and other healthcare facilities help?

Abundant research shows that healthy lifestyle factors protect people against serious health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and more. Even small steps toward a healthier lifestyle can make a big difference in our lives––here's practical advice for making healthy changes stick.